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5 Bed Bug Facts You Need To Know

Bed bugs can create issues in your life and hence you must understand a few facts about them. Once you know these details you will be able to take up bed bug controlBed bugs are visible pests that would bite and then there would be allergic reactions too. If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your home then you need to take the relevant action. Understand these facts and solve the problem.

Bed Bugs Can Live Anywhere On Your Premise

When you come across the name bed bug, you will feel that they would stay only on the beds. But this is not true. Bed bugs can be anywhere and they would create infestation on the furniture or somewhere near the walls and so on. Stay alert and find out where they thrive. Make them go away. 

Bed Bug Bites Are Not There But Still, They May Be Around You

You might not have bed bug bites, but still, they might be present in your home. So, it is better to do a pest inspection to know whether there are bed bugs or other pests in your home or not.

Bed Bugs Like Carbon Dioxide That You Exhale

The reason why bed bugs come to you in the middle of the night is that they like the carbon dioxide that you exhale. At around 3 am, the extent of exhalation will be strong. Thus, this is the time when the bed bugs would move around you.

Bed Bugs Can Live Without Food For More Than A Year

If you feel that the bed bugs need food and if you make them starve then they would die or go away then you are wrong. The bed bugs tend to survive even when there is no food. So, make sure that you understand this fact so that you can use it as a defense for pest control.

Bed Bugs Can Carry Disease, But They Do Not Transmit The Same To Humans

The bed bugs are the pests that can carry the diseases. But they would not transmit the same to humans. This is the reason why they are not dangerous. But yes, they can invade your bed and create issues for restful sleep. This can cause sleeping disorders and stress. Make sure that you take the relevant steps to get bed bug control.


Having the right knowledge about pests can help you in getting the best solutions. The bugs that would crawl can create a mess in your life. But with preventive pest control or bed bug control solutions, you can find relief. Talk to the bed bug and professional pest control and ask them what would be the basic avenues that you are looking for. Planning things in the right way can give you the final results. Bed bugs are not that dangerous but when they bite repeatedly in one place then there would be skin reaction and infection too.