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Possum Removal Redbank Plains

Possum Removal Redbank Plains Professionals With Several Years Of Excellence

Are you observing any traces of possum nesting on your property? Do you want an advanced possum removal service in Redbank Plains? If yes, Pest Control Redbank Plains can help you safeguard your property against possums in Redbank Plains. Our Possum Removal Redbank Plains professionals have several years of excellence in offering comprehensive services. 

We will thoroughly access your property for possums and offer a tailored treatment. Additionally, we ensure our clients receive customer-friendly and affordable service. Furthermore, we focus on reducing the chances of possums invasions in future. For same day possum catcher bookings, dial us at Pest Control Redbank Plains

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Why Is Possum Removal Service A Necessity? 

Possums mostly live in small groups of 2 or 3 each- but they can cause damage to your environment even worse than you can think of. 

  • Possum is a great climber and gains access to your attic and roof & destroys the shingles, tiles, gutters and much more. 
  • Possums excrete a lot. Moreover, their droppings are smelly & can transmit various diseases. You may suffer from tuberculosis and coccidiosis. 
  •  Once entered, possum can make your place messy, eat up your pet food and make holes in walls and floors, etc. 
  • Possums are a nuisance to your comfortable life. They make noises, clutter and form a lot of debris. 

On the other hand, if you call a professional possum pest removal on a quarterly basis, you may avail a pest-free and clean property for a longer time. 

Range Of Professional Possum Removal Services That We Offer

✔ Residential Possum Removal Service

In our domestic possum removal service, our experts will visit your home, identify the possum type. Next, we share a full possum removal plan. And after sharing the pricing and removal method, we safely remove and relocate possums away from your home. 

✔ Commercial Possum Removal Service

Based on the timing you want a service, we customize a commercial possum removal plan. Our possum trappers are excellent problem solvers and can even work without disturbing your workplace. So, ping us anytime and get a possum-free place! 

✔ Pre-purchase Possum Inspection Service

Based on a complete possum inspection, you can get a clear view of the property. You may alter your buying decision. Our company offers an exact pre-buy possum inspection service. Furthermore, we give a full report based on possum inspection and pest damage of the property. 

✔ Emergency Possum Removal service 

If possums have disturbed your peace and are immensely causing harm to your belongings, reach out to us. Pest Control Redbank Plains offers emergency possum removal services. We charge economical rates and give stress-free and timely possum removal to you. 

✔ Same day end of lease Possum Removal Service

Searching for an expert to remove a possum from the roof? What if you get a same day possum removal service. Yes, Pest Control Redbank Plains is a same-day provider of possum removal Redbank Plains services. Just give us a call & get rid of all possums within a few hours of calling us.

Possum Inspection Services & Tips and Tricks To Avoid Possums 

Pest Control Redbank Plains has a team of excellent possum inspection specialists. You can get your home or building inspected for possums from us. We furthermore, can assure you a safe, complete and reliable possum inspection service. Also, you can avail of our services at a very reasonable possum removal cost. Call for more! 

How To Deter Possums? 

  • Install motion-activated lights or sprinklers. Possum repel lights!
  • You may leave your cats and dogs in the garden. (Pets act as predators to possums). 
  • Scatter strong perfumes like- essential oils, garlic, mothballs and ammonia.
  • You may use a possum repellent on most possum sighted areas in your property. 
  • Applying traps is preferred only if it doesn’t harm possum in any way. 

5 Signs Of Possum Infestations In Your Redbank Plains Property

For possum sightings, you may notice a single or combination of a few signs mentioned below: 

  • You may see any possum related damage to the exterior of your property
  • The pet food often vanishes. Possums are drawing your pet food. 
  • Sudden animal vocalizations, including- shrieking and hissing. Possums are mostly heard at night time or in dark spaces. 
  • Louch scratching sounds from the roof and garage area. Possums may disturb your night sleep & peace of mind.
  • You may notice a frequent pervasive odour that is sick and unpleasant. 

So, if you have been noticing some possum presence symptoms, reach out to us for quick possum removal! Our possum removal Redbank Plains experts are ready to resolve all your pest issues in one go!

Effective and Prompt Dead Possum Removal 

Possums are very adaptive to change. Once infested, they can live on your property till the time they die. So, in this case, you may have a dead possum or a few of them lying on your property. Pest Control Redbank Plains is your local dead possum removal specialist in Redbank Plains. We offer quick possum removal and relocation services. Furthermore, we disinfect your property post-deal possum removal. So, why do it on your own when our possum catchers are present to help!

Why Must You Call Us For Possum Removal Redbank Plains? 

Our group of trained possum removal Redbank Plains are good researchers, inspectors and trappers. We will ensure effective & safe removal of the possum by asking for a minimal amount of stress on the possum and you. 

Here’s a list of benefits which you can avail by calling us: 

  • 24/7 Same Day Bookings: We work on weekdays and weekends. As well as you can make a booking 24 by 7 anytime for your residential & commercial possum removal wants. 
  • Economical Pricing: Pest Control Redbank Plains offers inexpensive and trusted services at an economical price. 
  • Expert Personnel: We have licensed and trained possum trappers who offer reliable and accurate services. Furthermore, all our possum pest removalists are trained regularly. 
  • Updated Services: We follow the latest approaches for pest treatments and removal in Redbank Plains. You are free to appoint us for a state of art possum removal. 

Now, Avail Our Inexpensive Possum Removal Services In Redbank Plains and Beyond 

The best way to keep possums off your residence is to schedule a possum removal service from us. Our company follows an extended approach and offers services in multiple locations. Like- Redbank Plains, Collingwood Park, Brookwater, White Rock and many more. 


  1. Can you take the possum far away from my Redbank Plains home? 
  2. Yes, but only to a limited distance of 25 meters maximum from the point of trapping it. The possum is a territorial animal and may die if relocated out of its living territory in Redbank Plains. We ensure no harm is posed to possums while removal in any way. 

  3. What sort of damage can a possum do to my roof? 
  4. Possum urinates on your roof that leaves yellow patches on walls and ceilings. Furthermore, their poo may stick to the roof area. Sometimes, they may get caught by electric wires or damaged lights. In this way, they become a fire hazard too. Furthermore, they may die on the roof and stink badly. The damages that possum makes to the roof and property is immense & can only be tackled down by a professional. 

  5. Many possums do to and fro on my roof at night, how can I prevent it?

If possums are running across your roof, you may cut back branches of trees. Tree branches give access to possums to run freely on your roof. A minimal distance of 1.5m from guttering must be taken into consideration while cutting branches.