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Moth Control Redbank Plains

Make Your Place Moth-Free On Grabbing Our Moth Control Service 

Though moths don’t attack or harm humans, they damage your clothes. With their small bodies, they can move very quickly and devour everything in your wardrobe. But, stop their further movements today with our well-versed moth control Redbank Plains team. Pest Control Redbank Plains can handle any kind of moth species and combat against them in both commercial and residential spaces while charging low rates. Similarly, we also ensure you with well timed emergency and same-day services. Dial on our 07 2000 4194 this moment.

Different Range Of Moth Types You Find In Redbank Plains

  • Common Clothes Moths: Tineidae are the type of moth which feed on clothes as their diet, so they are commonly named as common clothes moths. In size, these are small or medium with roofwise wings over their body. You find them wherever you place your clothes or other fabrics. 
  • Cup Moths: They are known as cup moths because of their cocoon shape. Usually, you can see their groups on leaves. 
  • Codling Moths: These are the major type of moths, which usually live in agricultural crops like pears and apples. In addition to this, they can persist  in any kind of bad climatic conditions through many years. 
  • Bogong Moths: They are long-distance, night-flying moth species from one place in Redbank Plains to another. Usually, these types of moths attack crops related to cabbages, wheat, potatoes, cauliflowers, peas and silver beet. 

Say Yes To Our Moth Control Services  

Emergency Moth Control Service

Did you just bite an apple and find a moth? Danger! The type of moths you find in apples are codling moths. Generally, they live in apples and pears agricultural crops. So, that way they indirectly get into your house. However, call our specialised codling moth control team without worrying anymore. 

Restaurant Moth Control 

Pantry moths are highly dangerous for people who work in restaurants. In addition to this, they also infest all the food present swiftly. But, we have a proper solution for this problem, that is pantry moths extermination. Our moth control Redbank Plains experts are swifter than pantry moths. 

Pre-purchase Moth Inspection

Cabbage moths primarily damage a wide range of plant species, which mainly feed on broccolis and cabbages. So, if you want to be aware of these moths when you are planning to plant cabbages in your new house, call for moth control in house. We also do pre-purchase inspection for white moths in garden and give effective results. 

Same Day Moth Control

Do you think moths are the reason for havoc on your trees? Don’t worry, we are here at your service. But, are winter moths bad? Yes, they are. Because, winter moths create nuisance as well as defoliate trees. Hence, call our winter moth extermination service, for which we use the most advanced equipment. 

Moth Inspection And Removal

Do you know the cause for carpet moth infestation? Neglecting them even if you find them or not. We know you might not neglect them purposely, because they prefer to live in dark places like behind doors and under beds. But no worries when our pest control carpet moth specialists are here. Our experts are strongly knowledgeable about carpet moth extermination! 

Domestic Moth Control

Is there an instant and easy tip for controlling white cabbage moths in my agricultural field? Yes, there is. But, it would be a hectic work for you to implement that tip for the complete acres of your crop field. Hence, hire moth control Redbank Plains. We ensure to provide satisfactory results with our eco-friendly cabbage control and cabbage moth control services. 

In-time Moth Control Services In Redbank Plains You Can Count On

Out of nowhere you will find moths in your home, leaving you panicky with no place to run. But, rather than running around your home to find any DIY remedies to kill them off or prevent them from your place, count on us. Hire moth control Redbank Plains services, as we have many long years of experience from moth pest control to carpet moth extermination

Moreover, as full-time experts of Redbank Plains, our staff have extraordinary skills in finding your place in no time. Although it may be a residential place or a commercial one, our moth exterminators will definitely reach your place in-time of your appointment. 

Choose Pest Control Redbank Plains Moth Control Services After Hearing Out Our Benefits 

  • Certified Local Team: We have one-on-one local team for every area all across Redbank Plains and out of it. These local experts will be on your location at the time you are convenient. 
  • Environmentally-Safe Solution: As their feature suggests, they are highly safe and healthy to your well-being. Apart from this, they also smell good odour-wise and give your indoors a pleasant odour. 
  • Easy Process To Book: Our booking process is very easy, as there are only two steps you need to follow. They are: call us on the available number to book or submit the form by filling the details on your own. Available everyday of the week from day to late nights. 
  • In-budget Rates: We are devoted to avail only moderate and in-budget costs while working with our clients. Ring us today to set up an affordable moth control in house service.


  • What is your moth pest control inspection process? 

Our quick and safe moth pest control inspection is as follows: 

  1. Once you contact us, our certified experts come to inspect your home premises thoroughly.
  2. However, they not only inspect for a moth infestation, but also inspect– the root cause, moth type and to which extent they did the damage. 
  • What are the signs of moth infestation? 
  1. Holes in your silk, woolen or any other fabrics.
  2. Moth carcasses on your carpet.
  3. You find moth cocoons and webbings on your clothes.
  • In what suburbs of Redbank Plains are your moth caterpillar control service available? 

Our moth caterpillar control services are available in— Swanbank, White Rock, New Chum suburbs of Redbank Plains.